Brian D’Arcy

Independent environmental consultant

Brian D’Arcy is an independent environmental consultant, advising the Environment Agency, Defra and others on diffuse pollution and urban drainage. He has 35 years experience working in regulation in four different regulatory agencies across the UK.

Brian was formerly Diffuse Pollution Project Manager with Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), establishing a network of storm event monitoring stations and research projects. He led the team that wrote the first diffuse pollution regulations and first requirements to use SUDS technology in the UK that came into force in Scotland in April 2006. He advocated and developed the light touch (no paperwork for registration of licences, just enforceable legal requirements) General Binding Rules concept that is essential for very numerous multiple sources, (as characterises diffuse pollution impacts). He co-founded the Scottish working party for sustainable drainage, and is advisor to other UK groups.

Brian led a UK team to quantify and characterise diffuse pollution impacts under the auspices of the UK’s Chartered Institution for Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM); published 2000. He brought the problems to the attention of regulatory agencies and a wider audience, by initiating and leading the international diffuse pollution video project for IAWQ (now International Water Association, IWA), Nature’s Way (launched in 1996).

He is working with others in the Diffuse Pollution Specialist group of the International Water Association, to develop best practice concepts for industrial estates /eco-business parks. He has also undertaken specific projects for Scottish Natural Heritage, Middlesex University, Sheffield University, University of Abertay Dundee, Northwest Water (United Utilities), and Scottish Water.

Brian has published some 20 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, plus many articles in technical and trade magazines. As well as co-editing conference proceedings (4 books), co-authored and led the publication of two text books.

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